Monday, July 22, 2013

Hiding Necessities

Hiding necessities.

Inside & outside.
Quite a nice topic for a book.  Anyone?
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara
Pic via Mod Vintage Life.  Looks like the patio was extended with 18" square concrete pavers.  Easy, affordable, unskilled labor.  The climbing hydrangea?  Amazing.


Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

I like how they did it: simple and subtle.

Nancy {at} powellbrower at home said...

brilliant! Love it outdoors.
xo Nancy

Nancy {at} powellbrower at home said...

Brilliant, love the skirt idea on the patio.
xo Nancy

Anonymous said...

Is no one going to ask........what is hidden?

I am asking! What is hidden!

There are all kinds of necessities that need to be hidden!

what the heck is under that skirt??