Friday, July 26, 2013

Detail: Furniture on Gravel

Furniture on gravel.

A common scenario, below.

Furniture will sink unevenly.  Soil was dug to place a brick under each table leg, gravel lapping to each.  Voila, no bricks showing.
This is not a job for mere mortals, the slab of marble weighs more than my truck.  After using the bubble level the guys are making sure the marble is also set equidistant.  These 'small' tasks always blow my estimates of, "Oh that should only take a few minutes."
Garden & Be Well,   XO Tara
top pic John Saladino's garden, bottom pic a client garden.


Things That Inspire said...

I am on the same wavelength with my post today. When looking at Saladino's former property, I noticed that he had a multitude of outdoor dining areas - and he probably used all of them, given the temperate climate. I have a new appreciation for the placement of a stone top table on gravel!

- Holly

Hartwood Roses said...

This makes me even more determined to put gravel in my new lean-to addition on the greenhouse. I thought about doing something else, since it's a work space and gravel traps all the crap generated by potting and other garden work. Upon reflection, I think a leaf blower will be sufficient to keep the fallen crap and leaves at bay.

David Cristiani said...

Blowing time / monetary budget estimates to do life, but not much of one all too often! I wonder how the above photos could be done without nearly the large, heavy and $$$ slabs under, coated with a veneer of gravel?

Hilary Kimbel said...

These are such great ideas! Thanks so much for posting! I have also been looking a little bit more into landscaping in Ogden, UT... Do you happen to know anything about that?

Merlin said...

My hubby and I just did a "barbeque platform" with 4 tons of crusher run and granite dust topping...we put the bench on circles of wood. Gee it sparkles! franki