Thursday, July 4, 2013

Curb Appeal Before Entering the Front Porch

Don't tell me 'welcome' with letters on a sign or doormat, show me.

The curb appeal of this tiny frontyard says, "Yes, you want to see the porch, inside the home, and the rest of the garden."

And you're experiencing the potency of the garden's color trinity, without being aware.

Adore the smartness of cast stone urns filled with cast stone flowers & fruits.
Get the color trinity?  Green, brown & white.  Trinity of the ages.  Low maintenance, serene, elegant.
Garden & Be Well,   XO Tara
Pics shot in Susanne Hudson's garden last month.  Girlfriend is serious!  Curb appeal + front porch fabulosity.  We are working on a book together and planning another spend-the-night this month.


David Cristiani said...

Sounds like great times to collaborate like that.

The golden candle...I almost place that color with the trinity, taking out the white of the house/plinths/walkway, since they are so neutral. But maybe not...

Rebecca said...

What a cool, restive welcome. "Trinity" - a new concept to me (outside of Father, Son & Holy Spirit....) I can actually SEE this trinity :)

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

The candle is very pretty......

sjr said...

Can't wait for the book! Keep us posted on its progress. Happy 4th, stay dry, its raining nonstop in Fayette county!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I love to see Suzanne's beautiful place. It's just gorgeous. Happy 4th!!

Nita Stacy said...

Oh...this will be a good book! I agree you don't need words to say welcome...say it with the decor at your door. I am a sucker for cement urns with fruit and flowers in them. I have three on my three porch pedestals. I sometimes wonder if I should have done large pots with flowers that would change with the season...but no...I LOVE my cement flower and fruit urns!

Anonymous said...

I will pre-order 36 copies of the book!


Lordy! I just saw that "erosion control" cloth........used as CURTAINS! YES I DID!



Anonymous said...

Brilliant! As always!

I think my favorite thing I have seen on the internet. (12 years?) is the garden tools "toile"!@

Honestly.......sending to my faves!

Brilliant beyond! From the bottom of my heart!



Anonymous said...

I forgot to say....what is the title of the book?

I want to preorder!!


Pink Overalls @DIY Home Staging said...

That IS a winning color combo! Most people would not be able to stop with that kind if simplicity, especially since you don't hear it touted, what with all the hype about pops of color. Gag.

This is lovely.

Shirley said...

This is a wonderful example of curb appeal. It looks very welcoming. I especially like the close-up shot of the candle and the lattice work.