Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Covershot Garden Design

Gardens must have rooms which includes halls, foyers, parlors, and the roundabout, below.

Leaning left, below, at the roundabout.

Leaning right at the roundabout, below.

In the roundabout, below, turned & shooting back.  What is this called?  Double Axis.

Same hydrangea, above/below, a few days apart.

Same roundabout, below, different axis.

See your garden thru the camera.  More, see your garden in February thru the camera.
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara
Pics this month in Susanne Hudson's garden.
Where today, in your garden, can you take covershot pics?  No?   Why live that way?  
Yesterday, late afternoon, fuse to my Conservatory blew.  Tried all the breakers, no go.  Immediate call to 'my guys'.  One will be here today.  It is not too much to ask that Conservatory chandelier & lamps light my days & nites on view from every angle I live. 


Rebecca said...

I enjoy seeing my (and YOUR) garden through the my camera lens. After looking at my photos, I see a lot that needs tweeking! (In fact I just posted to that effect yesterday!)

Stacy said...

That is a beautiful, well thought out garden. Amazing.

Home and Lifestyle Design said...

Susanne's garden is lovely. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photographs. Looking at these seems to slow me down just a bit and that is a good thing.
Thanks, Patty

David Cristiani said...

I feel relaxed looking at those photos, too. Cover shots - really, why not have more than one?

Architect client asked that I not include any native cacti, yuccas, etc at their renovated home in Santa Fe. Sad to be limited like that, now thinking of a way to decline starting a design for the.

Why settle?

Hartwood Roses said...

I love how you make us think about our gardens in different ways than usual! I guess the cover shots here are the views and vignettes that I gravitate to over and over. Right now, most of my garden would be appropriate for the cover of a garden Trash to Treasure publication.

Susanne's garden and conservatory always makes me draw in my breath and sigh.