Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Potting Table: A Template

 Outside my Conservatory is a space asking, just last week, for a potting table.  This, below, is the template.  

No different than putting interior rooms together.
Perhaps once/twice/year will need to use it for potting.
Will style it with ivy topiaries for the house.  A pair of lamps.
Zinc top with Benjamin Moore Alexandria beige legs.
Now, on mission at the thrift stores.
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara
pic via Habitually Chic.  Of course there is a slight slope to the space, need to cut/fill the area.


Things That Inspire said...

I use my downstairs laundry room as my potting room/flower arranging room. I never would have thought I would use the room this way when we designed the house - it is primarily the hard working space for pool towels, dog related laundry (the dog crate is neatly tucked under a staircase in this space), overflow laundry. It has a caesarstone counter, and a big farmhouse sink, and it would be an ideal space if we could have incorporated a window, which was not possible. Still, a wonderful room.

Connie in Hartwood said...

Oohhhh, I like it! Don't forget your local Habitat stores. I have a great stock of table legs, gathered cheap on habitat hunting trips.

Squeak said...

What a perfect template!

Simply Simplisticated said...

what wonderful inspiration!

Unknown said...

I use our mudroom for arranging flowers and potting plants too. I think I'll steal your template for my new shed.

Barbara Pilcher said...

I'm swooning over that table.

My outdoor potting table was rescued from the basement of an old house we bought and rehabbed. I love the way its grey-green paint is evenly crazed. The entire table deteriorates over the years, and we've replaced the top twice in 15 years, but I refuse to seal the paint on the apron and legs, preferring to let it live its life out naturally.

Nita Stacy said... this table! I still need to paint my hutch and get it out for potting. By this may just be a server on the deck...which is fine.