Saturday, April 20, 2013

Lunch then Working the Muse

Last week at a jobsite, below.  

A 2nd appointment to draw on-site.

I knew mostly what the garden would look like.

Sideways conversations tell me more about what a garden should become.

When she offered lunch I knew it would make her garden better.

She apologized for the plates, not in good shape, they had belonged to her grandmother.  Precious, an old soul.
After Lunch the Muse created:
 A roundabout in center of 4 oak trees on axis with the front door on axis with a gate creating a double axis, hedge of forsythia on lower slope hiding the street, cross axis with the roundabout for another double axis, foundation plantings removed espaliered sasanquas added & a pair of urns on plinths on axis with 2 front windows, 3 pair of low columns with urns, a bench shaded with figs in the orchard, a harvest table + chandelier in the crape myrtle allee, a garden cottage facing blueberries & fruit trees & Tara Turf, expanded deck with a window from the breakfast room turned into French doors, 3 sets of stairs at the deck, a gravel terrace from the drive to the deck, enlarged gravel parking court, moved existing shrubs to targeted zones hiding neighbor's homes, removed RxR ties from potager and reused concrete textured blocks, changed color of fencing & house, 3 stone benches within the forsythia hedge, all Tara Turf with entire garden riding mower available & etc.
It felt like the Muse was taking dictation.  Uncovering what had been there for a century.  When the Muse is happy & working it feels like a drug.  No.  It is a drug.
Garden & Be Well,  XO Tara
A BLT no chemical lunch.  Wonderful.


Kathy said...

What a lovely place and way to lunch. A simple lunch of a blt made lovely and special beyond words. Such beautiful old plates and sweet linens. Think you for taking me along thru photos,

David Cristiani said...

That's one of my favorite posts from anyone this year, so far. The results from that start are many results.

Back to creating...thanks.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

muse working = endorphins = happy
Those BLT's look amazing and remind me I haven't had one yet this summer. Those plates are perfect...perfectly beautiful.

cheri said...

I so enjoy your brief writings. I'm a gardener at heart also, been a volunteer "Master Gardener" in CA for 22 years. Can you briefly explain the planting on an axis theory? Thank you, Cheri