Monday, April 29, 2013

Interior Shutters

Too much sun, she sent me a link to exterior shade cloth.  

Too expensive for something to degrade in weather, look merely satisfactory when new, pass quickly to tacky, even faster to dreadful, and finally get-rid-of-it.  Why spend the money?  Worse, why waste the time?
Perhaps, interior top down/bottom up Duette shades inside.  No go.  Her cats would shred them she said.
Shutters?  Hers would have to be bi-fold due to space.
She hasn't responded!
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara
Pic Cote de Texas.


NellJean said...

Shade the outside, not the inside? A pergola? This is why houses in the Sunny South (had) porches.

Anonymous said...

comment #1! Bingo!

Yikes! Just what I was going to say! Wisteria on an arbor.....loses its leaves when you want the light.......has leaves when you want the shade....and that two weeks with blooms......oh you have to faint!!!

a pergola or just what Brooke and Steve have done at "Patina Farm" just those metal sticky-outie things to support the wisteria vines (from both sides!!

So good!!

Anonymous said...

OH Tara! Duette shades! NOT!!! I have a client who had them! they are so GROSS!! they trap moths!

I do not think you would like them! EWWW!!

There are lots of good ideas. interior shutters (not the kind that go up and down.....just the kind in your picture. those are the best solution of all!! Interior fixed shutters!

Yay for you!!


Things That Inspire said...

One of my favorite light/privacy solutions was putting an interior shutter in our closet. One of the few things I would do differently if I built again would be to deepen the walls of the living room so I could do interior shutters - I love them!

- Holly

Shutters said...

Looking forward to seeing what you did with the shutters. I'm looking for some to use as accents in our house. Would be great for back side of my townhouse which gets extreme afternoon sun in the summer.
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