Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Designing Anticipation

Junking last month I found a huge birdcage on plinth.

'The-plan-is', lunch with girlfriends in the Conservatory with a pair of heirloom chickens in the birdcage for entertainment.
The Girls will love the change of atmosphere from their Chinoiserie coop & run.
Life is good when Garden Enhancements are in the anticipation realm.
Garden & Be Well,      XO Tara
Pic via It's About Time  Can't imagine  having a day of life without Garden Enhancements percolating in my imagination.  


Ellen @Color Calling said...

You really must stop teasing us about your hens and show us the goods. The chinoiserie coop as well! =)
Best, Ellen

Henhurst Interiors said...

My neighbor's chickens are frequent visitors to my yard - I love it when they come over.

Nella said...

Tara, I loved this, lunch in the conservatory with chickens in a birdcage....sublime and guaranteed fun! I too rarely think outside gardening and nature, right now I'm in moss mode!

Pink Overalls @DIY Home Staging said...

You're cracking me up. Lunch in the conservatory!

You have chickens?