Monday, October 22, 2012

Creating Layers

View into the garden, below.  Pic taken at jobsite last week.

 Not mature yet, above, but doing its job.  You don't know what that job was.  Means the job was done right.

My job?  Hide the view (pic taken 2 years ago) of the dependencies, above, create mystery, pull your feet to investigate, be a proscenium for all weathers, fill the spirit of any mood, provide entertainments for small groups, large gatherings & yet be easy to maintain while providing maximum pollinator habitat for potager, bees, & yet more.  Now we're in the realm of my Landscape Design classes.
Every step in Landscape Design is counterintuitively simple.  
Garden & Be Well,           XO Tara
My basket is in yet another pic.  It was a 2 basket day.  Did you know I rate my days by how many baskets are needed?  The best days are 4 basket days.  Means I've been designing & lecturing & overseeing an installation.
Last visit home my sister told me it was infantile and not appropriate for a woman my age to use baskets.  In fact, the little basket I was using embarrassed her.  We were having Sunday lunch at the club with mom.  It's a joy to irritate her without trying.  When the server was clearing away she told me how cute my basket was & what a great idea to use it.  Sensing the Cheshire smile my sister received from me?  Obvious I'm the younger sister.


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

"it's a joy to irritate her without trying".
Ah, families.
They do make me laugh!!

Henhurst Interiors said...

This post had me laughing. Nice job, by the way.