Friday, October 19, 2012

Checkerboard: Before & After

Exploded brick ranch, below, before their checkerboard this week.  Water issues where the lawn won't grow.  And an entertaining area, go figure, at the bare dirt & low wall.  This neighborhood is thick with children and the parents have earned their margaritas & canapes set up on the low wall while their progeny go wild on the lawn.

Mr. CDC  cut 48 paper squares for the trial run of the checkerboard, below.  My contractor watched, amused, as we spread them out.  Of course, totally confident, he only purchased 48  18" x 18" bluestones.

Do you know the 1st, and most important bluestone, below, to be laid?  The rest of the Checkerboard relied upon this beginning.

Dead center, above/below,  at the entry from the carport.

The Caterpillar was used to contour the land for drainage.

New sod up to the low wall AND the steps of the porch.  Simple, potent, functional.
Garden & Be Well,                XO Tara
Pics taken at jobsite this week.  Cannot wait for the sod to root & a party to take place.  I want to walk slowly by (incognito stranger) & see if my visions for the space are correct!  Several young children accumulated on the wall while Mr. CDC & I were placing the paper squares.  They were speechless & still, sitting on the low wall, with staring eyes at what the strange adults were doing.


Divine Theatre said...


I have to catch up on your posts...been missing you!



Henhurst Interiors said...

I love it and love the image of the children silently watching.