Friday, September 14, 2012

Science: Tree Power vs. Solar Power

Trees increase pollinator habitat increasing yield on crops, decrease HVAC bills, increase property value.

 Fruit trees feed wildlife & people.  Evergreen trees to block winter winds.

Trees are a known resource to improve health. 

In the eastern USA what would happen if the average front lawn were replaced with the design, below?  In addition to the benefits listed, no weekly lawn mowing, no watering once established, 2-4 x's/year maintenance needed.

Where is the science & math on this simple solution?
Have done this design numerous times thru the decades for clients wanting low maintenance.
Garden & Be Well,             XO Tara
Deciduous trees, evergreen trees, canopy trees, understory trees.
Pics Architect Design.  Small house living large with its garden.


Lori Buff said...

We have lots of old trees around my house, it's amazing how much cooler it is here than it is a few blocks away. And we always have bird song in the air.

I love those pictures, tell us about the house.

Pearl said...

I absolutely agree with you. Why do we continue to fight nature? Arrogance, perhaps...

Greetings from Minneapolis,