Saturday, September 29, 2012

Lunch: Meandering & Productive

We've been having lunch for decades.  Yesterday's was planned for weeks.  Of course I had an unexpected jobsite visit in the time slot allotted for preparation.

 He appeared, with a bottle of wine, walking thru the back garden.
 And an appreciation for my new girls & what they're providing, below.
 Made egg salad sandwiches.  The heirloom girls are producing 6/day, they hatched the 1st week of April.
Instead of Greek yogurt with fresh fruit & local honey you see what time allowed, above.
He can retire & I'm pushing him not to.  His house has new rooms available, children out of college.  We met when they were toddlers.  Peers in the Garden industry we spoke a lot of community activism.  Bringing a Garden perspective to groups without a hint of Garden in their soul.  We're already doing it and leverage ideas for more.
Luxurious,  meandering conversation about work at the pace of lunch.  A deeper vein of gleaning.  Productive.
Garden & Be Well,     XO Tara
Of course we ate in the conservatory.  No time for pics there or the garden, it's fall fabulous at the moment, we both had appointments.  


Desert Dweller said...

I enjoy fitting in such workinbg lungh in a garden situations, but they are rare. Agoraphobian Abq often does not present such clients or happenings.

But the birds and wildlife don't miss a beat. Glad yours' worked so nicely.

Local favorite is 200 miles S, various mesquite or wildflower honeys.

Bruce Barone said...

you are a poet

Henhurst Interiors said...

Now, that sounds very interesting!
Hope you've had a lovely weekend,

maryland said...

I heard this program this morning and thought of your blog: views out aren't just nice, they're necessary to our health:

Thanks for writing about subdivisions and small lots -- where most of us live. Daily beauty, like daily exercise -- is what we need; you show how to create it. I'm a fan.

Content in a Cottage said...


Do the eggs taste better when they are from your own girls? They must. I love egg salad. Did you use Duke's Mayonnaise?

xo, Rosemary