Thursday, July 12, 2012

Edison Marshall His Garden & Home

Saw my first good garden age 7 in Augusta, GA.  Home of the author Edison Marshall.  This, below, hooked me.  Views from windows & doors into a garden.  Pic via.
A pair of tigers were at either side of the walk-in fireplace in the formal dining room where luncheon was served.  Heads stuffed & setting on tall wood stools with the entire body skin draping down.   (I remember each paw being as large as my head.)

A pair of Galapagos turtles, still alive, had their own garden room.
It's been said we try to recreate the interiors that first impressed us as a child.  Of course I've lived that cliche AND included the garden.
Ironically, now this moment, getting a link for you of Edison Marshall, I've seen my first pic of Edison Marshall, and I think the 2nd time I've seen this tiger, below.
Marshall had recently died.  It was a somber luncheon but joyful too.  We were meeting my grandmother's friend, Helena Mendocino, a doctor & recent Cuban boatlift participant, who had just married Edison Marshall Jr.
Helena put her beloved Edison on tea.  He was an alcoholic that stopped drinking for the love of his life.  He told  the charming story of going to a grocery store, for the first time in his life, the previous month.  He loved the conveyor belt. 
The Marshall house had a ghost.  We were dutifully shown the room it occupied.
Staff answered the door, served luncheon & totally enchanted me.
Edison Marshall Jr. carried a large Coleman thermos full of tea with him the rest of his days.
When Mrs. Marshall senior passed she left her collection of gloves to my grandmother, their hands small.  When grandma died I got the gloves, they are in my closet now, my hands their size.
Edison & Helena continued in my life till they passed.  Their friendship a great joy to my grandparents.
More to the story but even in death I feel honor bound to my grandma to only tell you, at most, the above.
Garden & Be Well,   XO Tara


bec said...

A very inviting garden beyond those grand doors... lovely!
Bec x

Michael Robinson said...

Thank you for sharing what you did, Tara. These no talk rules, family and otherwise, form a complex but fascinating aspect to our being-in the-world.

Things That Inspire said...

What a story! I love the concept of substituting tea for alcohol. I love tea so much that this makes perfect sense to me!

That first picture is divine.


cindy hattersley design said...

What a lovely story...Tara you must have those gloves framed (in a shadowbox perhaps), then you could enjoy them everyday.

Mehul said...

substituting tea for alcohol is really interesting concept.

- Herman Swan
Architectural Stone

Henhurst Interiors said...

I saw that first photo a few months ago and was immediately struck by it. Thank you for sharing the source and your story.
All best,