Monday, July 2, 2012

Decorate With Multiple Collections

She drinks alot of Perrier perfect bottles for rooting cuttings, below.
 She inherited boxes of shells, it took about a year of spare time to sort them, below.
 Old, broken, water salts & moss make her terra cotta better.  Of course the arrangement is fabuloso, below. Have you noticed how people that arrange flowers seem to be able to arrange anything?
Clustered & themed, she uses collections to decorate. 
This trinity of collections are close to each other in her Conservatory.
Garden & Be Well,   XO Tara
Pics taken last month in Susanne Hudson's Conservatory.


Creaciones Verdes said...

I like a lot the photos. Terracota pots are always beatifull but I'm agree with you this composition is gorgeous!.

bec said...

perfect little collections.
Bec x

cindy hattersley design said...

So true artist is an artist

Desert Dweller said...

I agree here...people like her who can arrange flowers do a great job on pots, bottles, etc. Amazing talent.

jhonjimmy said...

Just beautiful, makes me happy just to look at these images.. Website Template