Thursday, June 14, 2012

Color Echoes

Cute Kills in a garden
 Except when you like the cute.
 Pamela Harper wrote of color echoes in landscape design 2 decades ago.
 Advice to
Garden & Be Well,  XO Tara
This is a new garden room.  It had been a few green meat balls & lawn.  Daylight basement level at the side of her home. 


Lori Buff said...

It just ties everything together and helps the eye flow around the garden when done well.

Anonymous said...

Green Meatballs! I will remember that one...better term than poodle always bring a little humor to my day

Hartwood Roses said...

Everything that Pamela Harper says is profound, I swear. Please tell me that you have visited her garden. I have, once in spring and once in fall, and it is completely different every season ... and overwhelmingly wonderful! Nothing has ever been as anxiety-inducing as when she came to see MY garden. (It was a lovely visit.)