Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Zinc Sideboard in the Woodland House

Woodland House, below, isn't quite complete.  It's at the pool, of course we will never call it a pool house.
 Sideboard, above/below, has a fabulous zinc top. 
 Railings, below, are code but look much better than typical code rails.  That touch of 'custom' reeks of the sublime.  (More literally it reeks of Magic Man!)
 Totally electrified, below, 1 of the 4 sconces.
Ceiling fans & chandelier pics were terrible.
Another day.
Garden & Be Well,    XO Tara
Wood needs to cure, it will be stained a faint taupe, echoing the stronger taupe on her home.  Love a project looking so good even before it's complete.
Pics taken at a jobsite last week.


Lori Buff said...

That looks so inviting, it doesn't even need to be near a pool.

Kathy said...

Love the pics! I would have never expected to hear the word "pool" associated with what you have shown. I like the name you have given it...seasonless...k

Stephanie said...

Love, love, love all your projects, Tara! Always look forward to your perspective on landscaping....

Desert Dweller said...

I want to be there..."poolhouse" sounds too resort-ish, never thought of that. Like San Diego, Ft Lauderdale, or even an uber-home in Arizona. Your's sounds like a refuge, more habitat!

Maria Killam said...

I need a place like that! so fab!

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

I love it...I love the feeling of lushness with all the greenery in the background. What a wonderful place to relax and I really like that railing...it's different and I like 'different'. You have the most interesting job Tara :)