Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Color On Your Doors

Typical red brick has too much orange.  True red brick is fired longer & costs more.
 I chose Benjamin Moore, HC-136, Waterbury Green for my trim.
French doors are a gift to myself this year.  It was easy to choose the color. 
A Front Door should not be the trim color.  Instead, I like to choose an accent color flowing from interior art, walls, or fabrics.  AND, it works with your exterior colors.
If you aren't confident choosing a Front Door color, Maria Killem posted 10 fabulous choices from Home Hardware.  Choose one!  
Garden & Be Well,    XO Tara
Can't wait to finish the little stone terrace at my new French doors.


My Life of Domestic Bliss said...


Perfect! I need you to come to my house and help me!

Have a great day,

Kathy said...

Love your blue, it looks fabulous with your redbrick!

Sharrieboberry said...

I'm smiling. My front door color isn't on the list! I love green and my inside foyer is Shagreen. And it make me smile every time I see it.

So I picked a paint two shades darker then Shagreen and painted the front door (Tansy Green) and I love it!

I'm wondering if I should paint the garage door that color. Green is a neutral, right?!

maryland said...

my brick is soft sandy pinkish and shutters are black; the front door is an eternal puzzle to me, it's usually been red but that's not the solution. any ideas?

Tara Dillard said...

Pink is easier than red-orange !

You've got several good choices and 1 is already inside your home with the art, fabric or paint.

Pink & brown are delicious together. Make a statement.

Or you could blend more with your black shutters & do a brown/black.

Or a fabulous green.

Only 1 pink brick house in my neighborhood. Love it. Rare to site one.

XO t