Friday, April 6, 2012

Gravel Drive

 Oconee Pea gravel dumped, below, spread, above.  A tiny gravel from the Oconee River outside of Watkinsville, GA.  Amongst the pea is sand.  This gravel compacts, almost, in a day.  Cobblestone edging arrives next week.

Strings were initially laid, then cars & trucks driven, lines adjusted & flags placed. 
My degree in horticulture prepared me for none of this type of Landscape Design.  Instead, I was trained to design landscapes in subdivisions where everything touched is commodified.  Lawns mowed, bushes power trimmed, mulch instead of groundcover, annuals replaced every 6 months, fertilizer applications, insecticides/fungicides. 
What I call, Mow-Blow-Go-Testosterone-On-Wheels-Commodify-All-I-Touch.
For 2 decades I was off to Europe studying Landscape Design.  For 3 decades I've had 4 mentors & several friendships with peers in the Landscape Design industry.
Everything I know, have seen & done has been required of me to place this gravel drive. 
Simple.  Tis a gift to be simple.
Elegance is refusal....
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara
Pics taken this week at a jobsite.


Michael Robinson said...


Great way to describe: I call it 'mall-scaping,' the results and their consequences are beyond horrific.

the gardener's cottage said...

mow and blow is common here too. and most peoples homes look like hotels. it's pretty bad.

i'd kill for a gravel drive. it would be perfect here.

thanks for the bill blass quotes, they are perfect~

Anonymous said...

This is the BEST kind of Landscape Design. Simple.

Anonymous said...

All of you young people......

work hard to outlaw those blowers.

They do nothing but damage. To the soil,
to the the ears!

Tara!! This is so gorgeous! Sensational!

it is soft; it is beautiful, it is permeable.
.....and it also feels like part of the


ps tell your clients that burglars always avoid gravel driveways!!

way too noisy.....go to the next house!


Terry said...

I'm all gravel all the time. But don't mess with my blower. My Terry-turf doesn't look groomed even after blowing.

TheExpertVGL said...

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