Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Designing With The Poverty Cycle

At a cottage with zero interior/exterior budget, Poverty Cycle, I'm doing platter
 shelves, above/below, in the dining room.  Now, it's deep red paint over poorly hung wallpaper & no direct natural light.  Dare I mention a stippled ceiling? 
 The salon, and it's a tiny cottage, will be arranged
just so, above.  Walls have already been painted BM Historic Color Philadelphia Cream.
Found a mahogany drop-leaf gateleg table almost Shaker in style, old-$60-thrift store.  Ikea is soon.
Garden & Be Well,        XO Tara
Cottage garden will be boxwoods edged in rescued stone, gravel & Tara Turf.  Project is SLOW but satisfying.  Crazy delight to interior/exterior decorate with total Poverty Cycle.  Lamps, thriftstore with shades from Homegoods, are awaiting tables.  G*d does have a sense of humor.  I'm really good at Poverty Cycle interior/exterior designs.  A thriving business plan?
2 clients, in past 3 decades, I designed their landscapes in million+ homes.  Divorce.  We had a blast doing their new home/garden in total Poverty Cycle. 
Cannot find photo credits.  Boxwoods were rescued from a job, stones rescued from a friend's acreage.      
Ironically the Poverty Cycle is a needed element in every Landscape Design.  Gardens of Charleston, SC prove this.


Lori Buff said...

Decorating with functional pottery serves multiple purposes, it looks great and you have a place to store the pieces. I'd call it Poverty Chic. I love the ceiling in the salon.

Desert Dweller said...

Amen...great term, "poverty cycle", at least in a US context, where money is most people's g*d (non-capitalized on purpose).

I often think that is why many of my peers have no work with the economy, since they only want gravy-train work. Irrelevant when times were "fatter", and more so now when times are "leaner" How about really making the world better, no matter the income? I think that's most of the reason I blog, give programs, etc.

I want to re-read this post and ponder it more. I'll start with my mid-day hike, before it hits 90F...

Terry said...

We will provide an excellent home to rescued boxwoods and stones.

5th and State said...

i could not agree more.

lucky clients.....

Cyndia said...

Tara, you continue to inspire me! I wasn't familiar with the term Poverty Cycle before but it definitely applies to my garden! It doesn't know anything else! Nor do I!

penelopebianchi said...

the most beautiful villages anywhere in the world; really; are the ones who were, and are in the "poverty circle"! they have not had to money to "remuddle"

(putting it kindly" before the local people know enough to prize the originality ! Nothing is much more important than preserving the past.......to not lose the charm and loveliness of the past.

You do a wonderful job of spreading the word!


Zoning laws; become very, very important!

ps would you like to speak in Pasadena and Santa Barbara? and maybe Newport Beach???