Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Trees vs. Mr.-Mow-Blow-Go-Testosterone-On-Wheels

I've taken Christopher Lloyd to bed again.  Already 2nd-3rd time for his books.  He's new & fresh, each time.

"By exercising  a little vision you will come to realize that the tree, which has a possible future, perhaps a great one, may be more important than yourself, nearing your end.  So it's worth thinking more about the tree and giving it a good start in life in the right position than about yourself, except in so far as it is a great delight to see the tree responding and developing under your sympathetic treatment."
Cool your house in summer with an understory deciduous tree, it will warm you in winter too.  Site an evergreen tree in path of winter's winds.  Sited properly trees increase property value.  Chosen properly  insects/wildlife expand pollinator habitat.
Studying Landscape Design across Europe for decades it's obvious what survives: trees, meadow, stone focal points.
Mr.-Mow-Blow-Go-Testosterone-On-Wheels commodifies landscapes into grass to mow, bushes to prune, annuals to plant, chemicals to treat, irrigation system to install.
Ok, I'll stop here.  Too quick getting from trees to Mr.-Mow-Blow-Go-Testosterone-On-Wheels.  Not enough time to pontificate fully today.
Garden & Be Well,  XO Tara
Pic taken at a client's property last month.


Amy L. said...

Mr. Mow-Blow-Go has already started his ugly, incorrect tree pruning technique that permanently disfigures the trees. Yesterday I saw an entire row of ornamental plums on the edge of my little town's main road freshly mutilated. It makes me sick!

Desert Dweller said...

Too bad high gas prices will probably not price Mr-m-b-g-tow into extinction, since he probably likes huge trucks and will pay $$ to keep them rumbling down the road.

But I like the way you think about trees and what lasts in the landscape. While not prissy, it also isn't what Mr-m-b-g-tow puts his grubby tools on, either.

P. Barbuda always get me thinking, even from 2000 miles to my east.

Kathy said...

OK...you've covered two of my biggest pet peeves. On Thursdays, my street (long, graceful, curved) will have one Mr.m-b-g and crew on it. They will "do" 5 yards (1+acre lots) in........45 minutes!!! My husband and I timed them one day. We inquired about their services (NO intention of ever using them) One year contract (they do not come in Dec. or Feb. but you still pay) $875 a month...for a mow blow go and edging!!!!! Now....you can pay for extras (like crepe murder....with chain saws).
Trees......I have been watching a neighbor take down 8 ..100+ foot trees this week...so he can have more grass and ANNUALS.......Those trees were here before I was born, and should be here years after I'm gone. It breaks my heart...