Tuesday, February 7, 2012

American Windsor Chair

This isn't a chair for the dinner table, below.
 It sits for conversation, reading, napping, cradling a kitten, a scotch.
 Originally, below, at our family house on Lake Rabun.
It was,below, in my music room,

Now, below, it's in the kitchen, aka Garden Room, where I look across my rooms, enfilade, into the garden.

New floors, above, arrived at Christmas.  French doors will go in soon, leading to the Conservatory.
Notice, you did not see the 25 year old linoleum, disgusting, that went out the door.
Would NEVER have put the American Windsor on linoleum.  Seemed disrespectful.
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara
Needing patience.  Have waited a quarter century for these changes and somehow the homestretch is the toughest.


Terry said...

That dredged up my rocking chair memories. I probably put 100,000 miles on our squeaky one when I was young, wore groves in the carpet. My parents didn't seem to mind, at least they knew where I was.

Kathy said...

The American Windsor chair is lovely and even more special because of its history. I went to the lake rabun family house link, wonderful house!
The other thing you have that I really love and covet is dulcimers, I've always wanted one and to learn to play one. I dont know what I'm waiting for. You are a kindred spirit.
The best to you