Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Historic Southern: Flying Buttress

Downtown Atlanta, below, a former cotton warehouse.  Swoon yet?  The Flying Buttress !!

 Copy.  It's the 1st rule of Landscape Design.
MY flying buttress, above.  Though it's on a client's property, and she did pay for the lovely bricks, ca. 1899, from Milledgeville, Ga, capitol of Georgia during the Civil War, and she did pay for the labor, and, and, and, honestly, I am in love with this Landscape Jewelry !
Garden & Be Well,         XO Tara
Orchard not complete yet.  Fruit trees start going in tomorrow.  Gates this year.  


Michael Robinson said...

You give good brick!

From time to time have had fantasies of serpentine walls similar to those Jefferson uses at UVA.

(Though he is often credited with the innovation he very probably saw them in England in 1786, and being in and out of Williamsburg the he may well have seen a type of them earlier at Governor Sir William Berkeley's Green Spring plantation, built about 1645, three miles west of Jamestown.)

Bruce Barone said...

It is a work of art. In a way--a sculpture.

So sorry to hear the news you shared with me on my blog.