Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Florida Room

Florida room, below, looking toward the front yard of a 1940 cottage.
 Florida room, below, looking toward the backyard.
This cottage is The Velveteen Rabbit.  Life shows in her cracks & broken bits but it's obvious she's always been loved.
Friend & peer Sandra Jonas gustily laughed at my reference, 'Florida room'.
I'm calling it a Florida room.  What would you call it?
Garden & Be Well,     XO Tara
Pics taken last week.  Still in the design phase on this project.  Honestly, Sandra dahling,  these pics are for YOU.  Ha, the rest of you have already painted & stuffed the Florida room with furniture, art, sisal, new light fixtures.......  I love this phase.  Total possibility.  


Desert Dweller said...

"Florida Room" makes sense to me! In Phoenix, they often call an enclosed covered patio called an "Arizona Room"...think Florida, sans moisture! Same concept, where one can look into the garden on a cold "winter" night or their infernal, 4-5 month hyper-summer.

Michael Robinson said...

Those arches, what a lovely space to work with with if I am reading the proportions correctly from the photographs. And looks, from color and texture, you have real fired bricks which have such a wonderful patina and not the faced blocks that make any space read completely dead and lifeless.

Cote de Texas said...

so much can be done with this! what a great space.

your header pic is so gorgeous. cant believe you did that. it's incredible.

sandrajonas.com said...

OMGosh that is fabulous!! I cannot wait to see it. Rooms like this in Montreal are called 'sun rooms'(they don't see much of her) however I'm sure we can Tara-rize it!!