Friday, November 11, 2011

Details Of Simplicity

Almost 30 years ago this bench, below, was the first thing she bought for her garden.
 A classic faux bois, the details are rich.  Timeless.
Her husband said he had been pressure washing it for years, it was time to do it again.
We turned our heads to him, in unison, "No, never again !"
Notice the dreadful mulch?  Worst thing about college for landscape design, promoting mulch.  This garden now has dwarf sarcoccocca to spread and hold the soil.  Evergreen, shade, it blooms fragrantly in February.  It was difficult to find, and expensive when found.  A victim of the contraction of the retail/wholesale garden center industries.  Doubt I'll be putting it into plans in the future as often as in the past.
Garden & Be Well,        XO Tara


Anonymous said...

Tara, when I first saw pine straw I though it needed to be cleaned up. I had no idea it was being used as mulch! I much prefer bark mulch to keep the weeds down till the plants cover the ground. BTW I never learned about mulch in Landscape Design college. The focus was on design.
Love the bench!

Michael Robinson said...

Argh! Are people out there still who don't know about patina ?