Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Color Confidence

Bold, simple, historic, elegant, confident.
 A sweet surprise on the ceiling.
All around the house, Tara Turf, color echos.
Garden & Be Well,                XO Tara
Le Jardin Blanc, in Douglasville, GA has a Green, Brown & White color theme.  When puffy clouds float overhead, or the moon appears,  it seems they've been requested.  For their color !
Thru that door I've heard Mozart to, "....I like my women just a little on the trashy side...", Alabama to Edith Piaf, to.......


Divine Theatre said...

That would be even more stunning on a rainy day!
Thanks for visiting me. I am always honored by your presence.
Atticus is my little gentleman. His nature is very loving and agreeable even after all the suffering he has endured. I love that litte man so!
Please stay tuned. I am adopting a beautiful girl today from the shelter. I met her when I adopted the beautiful Duchess. He name is Jenny. She is 19 years old and has been at the shelter for five years.
Thank you for the advice on the shutters. Our yards are right on top of each other. I think Dr. Suess had a hand in the planning!


Lori Buff said...

I thought the porch ceiling was supposed to be blue for luck or to scare away evil spirits or something.

Desert Dweller said...

I'm now getting the "color echo" concept, Professor Tara! Everything...skies to landscape to ceilings to music to people at events. (nice music variety, too!)

Bruce Barone said...

Wait till you see our new kitchen counters!!!

Heather A said...

Speaking of Tara Turf-- I would love to know how you go about changing a yard from grassy/weedy to full on Tara Turf; you said in the ATL it was a blend of grass-moss-clover-mondo-ajuga-dandelion--mazus... thyme... I have the grass and weeds :0 do I just need to spot plant mondo etc.; add thyme seeds?? I would really appreciate any tips!

enclosuretakerefuge said...

That green ceiling matching the door is terrific!!