Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Vines On A Wood House?

Vines on a wood house?  No.  There are ways but I'm too lazy.  Vine clinging to stucco/stone, below,
 a case of desire from Italy.  Can't do it with your wood home?  No problem.  Espalier a woody shrub.
 Whatever your zone, choose a hardy woody shrub and espalier the pruning.
 Abelia, viburnum, hydrangea, camellia, tea olive, and more can be planted & espaliered.
Use a woody (Why woody?  No wire/trellis needed.) shrub as a 'vine' on your wood home.
Don't buy shrubs already espaliered, buy big shrubs and prune them into espalier.  On camellia, and many others, this saves over $100+.
Garden & Be Well,  XO Tara
Carolina jessamine was growing on my baywindow.  Gone, too much work.  Espaliered a huge oakleaf hydrangea,  2nd pic from bottom.


Cindy said...

Thanks Tara. Will look into espalier a woody shrub

Tom said...

Pretty indeed :)

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