Monday, August 22, 2011

How To Make A Garden Room

From a patch of open space, below, a garden room is created beautifully & affordably.  

Why the drama of always doing a lawn, hedging, stone terrace, poured concrete, blah-blah & blah?  (Well, that's obvious Boo Boo, it's more highly commodified. )
A few pots, shot-pea gravel, furniture, poof, your new garden room.
Of course it does help having canopy/understory trees nearby.
Garden & Be Well,      XO Tara
Pic taken last week at Atlanta Botanical Garden.


Veronica said...

Tara that looks so inviting and gorgeous!

Desert Dweller said...

So simple and appealing! What is odd about that, is how most properties here have the floor; all they need are the pots, plants and furnishings.

Hmmm...a post idea - contrast your example with what most do with their gravel floor...

Babs said...

Love it, and love the huge pots used as a partial enclosure. Thanks.

La Petite Gallery said...

That turned out very pretty.
How are you doing Tara? yvonne

Divine Theatre said...

This is exactly what we are in the midst of doing! We are using grade 8 underneath the pea gravel.
I have hired three landscapers this year...all to my dismay none really knows what they are doing! Gah! I will post photos after...IF I ever finish. I am on my own!
Please do come and meet Duchess!


Michael Robinson said...

Hi Tara: Thanks for all your industrious posting and inspiration. Don't know if you have seen this which wen up on the web yesterday ...
"Arabella Lennox-Boyd on Garden Design ... recommends essential books for any budding gardener, and reveals why trees are the backbone of any good garden ...

Cozy Little House said...

A garden room of one's own... It is what we make it. Thinking of you and hoping you're doing okay.

Anonymous said...


B is building a house said...

Hi Tara

What width strip would you recomment for a standard boxed hedge? Is 1.5-2m too wide?