Friday, July 15, 2011

Lawn With Mowing Strip

Make it easy, to mow or weed-eat flush with your home, below, with a stone strip.
 Choose stone wisely.  These, above, were easy.  We copied the stone, granite, already used at their frontdoor.  Stone should look like it was quarried on site, or nearby.
Landscape Design is all about repetition.
Notice 4 more MAJOR Landscape Design topics in the pics?
Garden & Be Well,           XO Tara
Why is the deck painted?  Lattice isn't off-the-shelf-big-box-disgusting.  How was the size of the arbor chosen?  How to choose placement of deck steps.  Same garden as previous post.

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Bruce Barone said...

I am actually making something like this today; to run around my garden.