Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hydrangeas On Speed

At my back door, below, this week.
 Potted hydrangea & a potted variegated boxwood.  Last year this hydrangea was a cutting in a 4" pot.
 Susanne Hudson has phenomenal growth planting 4" potted hydrangeas in large terra cotta pots.  Phenomenal.  Of course I copied her.  It worked.
Aaron Copland anticipated my arrival, writing Appalachian Spring for my garden & for me.  I hear it in my garden & looking at the pics.
Garden & Be Well,      XO Tara
Pics from my garden during days of great drought, heat, humidity & zero maintenance or watering.  This is why I've taken you around my garden the past few days. You must know how easy it is to have a garden.    


My Life of Domestic Bliss said...


Divine Theatre said...

Right now it doesn't seem that easy to have a garden. I love it but it's hard work! I think NEXT year it will be easy to have a garden. Until then I will be inspired by yours!


Bruce Barone said...

I will be posting a photo today of hydrangeas on coffee.

jennifer said...

really? no watering hydrangeas in pots? i've got 'Pia" in a 28" italian terracotta in dappled shade that needs watering every other day. i live in Atlanta, too. what's your secret?

Tara Dillard said...

Hydrangea pot is large, good potting soil, shade with only a touch of sun. Haven't watered it yet. Rains, though sparse, have been enough.

BUT, that's why it's in a pot on the patio. Easy to get to with left over water from kitchen if needed.


Cyndia said...

Absolutely gorgeous! You make it look easy!
I have a devil of a time with morning glories that have self-sown in mulch. They want to take over everything.
BTW, where did you get the plaque on the wall at the corner of your house? It is scrumptious!

Tara Dillard said...

Susanne Hudson just called & said she uses Miracle Gro Tree & Shrub potting soil. That's her speed !!