Thursday, May 19, 2011

Most People Are Afraid Of This.

Carl Jung, "Our lives are about getting the outside to match the inside."Tucked in a woodland, on a mossy stone, unseen by most.
Are you brave enough to put what resonates in your heart into your garden?
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara
Same garden as the previous posts.
It's odd, I design landscapes but often feel like I liberate adults into their imagination.


Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Good Morning Tara!
What a neat piece of 'garden art'...I think this person was very brave and creative for using this old sewing machine. I love using interesting things in the garden that make people want to see what's around the corner. Now I just need to get these new gardens growing and get my own 'garden art' placed just right. I hope you're having some nice warm weather over there in the south. It's still cool and crappy here in Kansas. I think our spring went over to England this year! Have a great day...
Maura :)

Laurin said...

I read your blog everyday via email and it is always this tiny treasure waiting for me. You share the most cherished things and they give me a giggle, an inspiration or and idea! Thank you so very much for sharing. Sincerely Laurin Lindsey

NellJean said...

I used to do this. I stopped when the dog grew into a garden critic. She thinks tchotches are overkill and commenced to edit for me.

Bruce Barone said...


Or AH!

In our yard/garden: four birdbaths, and old wooden ladder, an old shovel, and old wood tiller with iron wheel, and old wood spoked wheel, a child's school desk, a chest-of-drawers, a few jugs (no moonshine!) and, of course, that pink wheelbarrow.