Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Gertrude Jekyll: Munstead Wood

Christopher Lloyd said, "The garden dies when the gardener dies." Gertrude Jekyll's beloved home, Munstead Wood, above.
Technically correct, but dead.
I see a garden needing its mistress. Missing her. Aching for her.
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara
Pic above, Charlotte Wehychan.
I also see maximum pollinator habitat: canopy/understory trees, walls, groundcovers, high density, low density. When Jekyll designed landscapes was she aware of her interface with pollinator habitat?


Darla said...

This quote always makes my heart ache.

Bruce Barone said...

Speaking of the dead garden,
I am, this morning, reminded
of the book
"The Gardener's Bed-Book"
by Richardson Wright;
today's entry reads
in part "Bring Our Your Dead"
"At about this time of year,
the gardener becomes a stretcher-bearer.
The Battle of the Winter over,
he sallies forth across the frost-trenched garden
to dig up his dead and count the casualties......"

It is a great book. I read the entire entry for today early this morning.

You would enjoy this book I am quite sure.

La Maison Fou said...

I think this is sooo true!
When the gardener is gone,the element takes over,drives out all sense of habitation and really lets down her guard for mother nature to conquer and pass onward!
Great view Tara.

Jojo said...

It's such a sad thought really. I have an aging parent that is no longer able to tend her garden and as a Master Gardner, for her, it is painful. She still tries to buy plants though she can no longer plant. She has been able to put in her hours with a high school horticulture program but it's still very sad.

shaunmarsh709 said...

The quote explained above totally justify itself.I am agree with this quote without gardener,a garden is nothing.
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A-M said...

Such an achingly sad quote. A-M xx