Monday, February 28, 2011

Formula: 2 Chairs + Table

Woodland, palace, mid-century modern, cluster, townhome, shotgun, split-level ranch & etc.2 chairs + table; works every time.
Of course, you must choose the correct vernacular.
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara
Another pic from MIXSON at my job in Charleston, SC.


Desert Dweller said...

Context, so important, including visual and functional.

Such a theme like your's worked visually, with my pueblo revival home in Abq suburbia. Until 5 years of brutal sun and the occasional windstorm dried and shrunk similar chairs, even with regular treatments. Context - now, metal chairs there, which have stood the above climatic tests for the same length of time.

Your chairs work perfectly in the context you show, with the shutters, and sheltered with the house.

Makes me want to try a mint julep there! But it is too early...

Christine B. said...

Can't wait to dig out my teak tables and chairs for try-outs on our covered porch. I suppose that means I'll have to get rid of the empty moving boxes and packing materials that have been hogging said porch since we moved in two months ago. Crikey, we're tacky right now, nothing like that cute setup you pictured!

Christine in Alaska, lots of snow

Lori Buff said...

Perfect for a glass of wine & a good conversation or book.

Stephanie Mealor Corder said...

Were you able to go to the Flower show this year? They had a series of displays based on al fresco dining, and while most of the designs were based on place settings working with table and chairs; my favorite part was the actual tables and chairs!
And then there were the woodland chairs upholstered in moss....

Lydia said...

I'm with Lori Buff on this. Sometimes we make things too complicated. Thank you for reminding us to stay grounded.

Conrad said...

Also a cup of coffee.