Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Good Surprises In Your Landscape

At year 6 in the garden my eyes were overwhelmed, finally, by something tried from inception. A VISION OF BEAUTY. ( Laskett, below, in the Conservatory with me last nite.) College for horticulture was a joke for my Landscape Design skills. Creating Landscapes (making mistakes) & myriad trips across Europe studying historic Landscapes were my teachers.
Hewing to historical Landscape Design principles began my journey to success. Ridiculously stupid to wait 6 years for beauty or lower the bar and aim for: organic, rainwater, native, low-maintenance, green & etc...
Those facets are in Historical Landscape Design Principles. Of course I want all of that, more, I want life changing beauty. And I want it daily, it's important to know when to be selfish. To walk amongst, and, see from every window. Vanishing Threshold. A Landscape filling me with energy, joy & grace.
A dream for years my conservatory, 1 week old today, gave me the surprise of Laskett. He adores being carried to the conservatory in the evenings, a nice fire & cuddling at my side. A simple life pleasure; not anticipated. A good surprise indeed.
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara
Want good surprises in your Landscape? Hew to historic landscapes. In addition to all of the above historic landscapes raise property value & reduce HVAC costs. As byproducts not effort.


Bruce Barone said...

Daily life changing beauty.

I am right there with you, Tara.

Divine Theatre said...

I am a novice gardener and I look forward to learning a great deal from you! I have recently sought out and purchased every last gardening book by Sir Roy Strong and I am addicted to his writing style as well as his artful eye! I became a bigger fan of YOU when I learned your kitty's name!

Carolyn said...

Your new conservatory is beautiful day or night.
I have been collecting doors and windows for awhile now for one in our garden.
Thanks for all the inspiration,

Desert Dweller said...

College - my degree was necessary and I got much out of it, esp related classes. But it was like K-12. My initial job, starting a business was like the real Bachelor's Deg. 15+ years later, it is like going for my Master's Deg!

And of course I agree on good design that works with design principles that are eternal.

Buzzwords are not eternal, just shallow, pop-culture.

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Your kitty does look like he's enjoying the conservatory. It looks so cozy. I can't wait to see how it changes as the seasons change. I need a conservatory!!! I know a good place to get lots of old windows....hmmmmmm

hand painted by cheryl said...

I love it and want to see more.

hand painted by cheryl said...

I love it sooo much and want to see more.

hand painted by cheryl said...

I love your conservatory.I want to see more. I have a lot of old windows and am thinking of doing something like you did.We did a little garden shed last summer and I love it.

BWS said...

A simple life pleasure; not anticipated. Something waited for is treasured. You are always full of grace.

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

So happy that you're getting to do something for YOU that you've wanted for a long time. Enjoy! Love the kitty. The large 180'X40' building (poultry building) on our farm is now finally down but has to have the last of the beams hauled away and then a clean up by the fellow who bought it. Can't wait until the foundation is buried and I get to finally have a view out to the back fields. I'm looking for inspiration! Thanks for all the wonderful things you teach us Tara...I hope I can put some of that information to good use out there.
Maura :)