Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Landscape Design Solutions

Scored concrete & a roundabout of pavers in the parking court, below, diminish its 'nature'. Softens the impact.From their fabulous patio, below, a view into the garden via an enfilade with the parking court. Every landscape has its thorns. Mostly 2 cars, more with family/friends.
Another view from the fabulous patio, below.
The foyer between parking court & patio, above. I removed the turf & put in rosemary behind the bench, 1 Michelia figo behind that & etc. Both evergreen & fragrant. Views from the patio with the plantings will obscure views of the parking court & block neighbor's views into the gate of garden/patio/home. (Double Axis with little input AND no mowing, weedeating, yet adding privacy, fragrance, increased property value, & better curb appeal.)
More of the same foyer, above. Copied rosemary behind the bench, Abelia 'Rose Creek' behind that & etc. Mystery created! From the patio you'll see hints of the fabulous garden. From the garden you'll see hints of the fabulous patio. Of course, the parking court is diminished.
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara
Turf, pic above, removed also. Used pairs of boxwood at the sidewalks leading from parking court into the parterre. Used repetition with the Abelia and existing Pittosporum. (Pittosporum, viewed from the parterre, will block views of the front of the cars.) Repetition, is a potent Landscape Design tool.
Same Macon, GA garden as the past few posts.


Carolyn said...

You put the icing on the cake for this beautiful home and garden!


Desert Dweller said...

Yes...contrasting banding, patterns added to even plain concrete helps so much. And your ideas...less irrigation, too!

Ewa said...

love the view from the patio! great job.
also love the new picture in the header - so beautiful - great change.
xoxo Ewa

Cher' Shots said...

I appreciate anything that breaks up the 'norm' routine. Thanks for sharing.

CLeeLVR said...

Can you please post the Conservatory and Hidden Corner you mentioned ? They sounded lovely.