Monday, August 23, 2010

Details in Simplicity

Simplicities: trim color is not a bright white, no window screens, interior window treatments are elegant, lights on inside, contrasting foliage textures, contrasting foliage colors, espaliered lushness upon home, well maintained, easy to maintain, urn is fabulous enough to be empty, urn is not hugging wall of home or frontdoor, classic template of centuries copied, design is elegant in winter, makes me want to see the interior, makes me want to see the rest of the garden, the landscape describes the owners. Front of home, above, and its backyard, below.
Shown in yesterday's post too.

A retired couple lives here. They maintain the garden.
Two important questions to ask yourself about a pic of your home.
1. Is it so wonderful I must see inside?
2. Is it so wonderful I must see the entire landscape?
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara
Pics taken last week in Athens, GA


Desert Dweller said...

Great points, and well-maintained while easy-to-maintain = bullseye! With all those french doors, I bet they "get" indoor-outdoor living.

But no screens? Great look, but the only place I lived that had so few insects to pull that off was San Diego...but maybe the home's owners rarely open windows?

Please expand on reasons they might do that...

Terry said...

No Tara Turf (or Terry Turf). I'm not biting on the low maintenance but very much on the winter beauty. Bravo.

the gardeners cottage said...

tara, you ask the hardest questions. i want people to answer yes to those questions, but how can you be sure if you are on the right track?


Vava (aka Virginia) said...

You always give me food for thought! You'd be happy with our the front - it's coming along a la Tara Instructions and I DO like it soooo much!

Things That Inspire said...

Low maintenance - this has been my mantra recently! Love the fireworks explosion of the fern.

Tara Dillard said...

Desert Dweller, You ask about screens? Easy. Removable, expandable screens. Most hardware stores have them. I have several around my home stashed under or behind furniture near the windows I like to open.

Gardeners Cottage, How do you know? Pictures, take pictures to answer those questions. Pictures don't/won't/can't lie.