Friday, July 16, 2010

Tasha Tudor's GARDEN

House, garden, life, it's all in Tasha Tudor's Garden, Tovah Martin author & Richard W. Brown photography. This book continues to inspire over a decade after discovery. Tasha's cache pots & how she used them were 1 take away from the book I knew I had to copy.
Finally found one, top pic, this spring while lecturing in Richmond, VA. Three Swallows Antiques had a booth at the Flower Show.

Can you believe Richard W. Brown's photography, above? Looks like a painting.

"I don't make proper flower arrangements; mine just grow, like the garden." Tovah Martin's writing invites you to tea with Tasha Tudor.

I have yet to create a floral arrangement in my cache pot. Cat's are one excuse but, mostly, it's selfishness. Not wanting to take so much from my garden.
Soon, especially with this 4 week + drought & heatwave, it's time to prune the espalier oakleaf hydrangea. Yes, that will be the 1st arrangement in my cache pot.
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara
Laskett, top pic, isn't he a grand cat!!! Don't have this book? Order today.
2nd pic, a little of my fabulous desk, an old door rescued when they tore down College Boy's grandmother's home. After she died we lived there a couple of years. It was the 1st brick house in Tucker, GA. Miss Louise had a 3 acre garden with something new coming into bloom every 2 weeks. 50 acres of wooded pasture with horses was behind the house. And.................


Anonymous said...

Tasha Tudor's Garden is one of my most favorite books. I have two copies; one for frequent perusing, the other "for nice". I'm goofy, I know. Tovah Martin has several other books out, several of them in collaboration with Richard Brown. I love their work.

You pot is quite lovely, as is your cat. Your post was a great way to start my day.

Sheila said...

One of my favorite books1

Queenplinker said...

Love the kitty!

I love Tasha, There probably more then a few gardens just as beautiful as her, but what character. I loved her confidence in living her ideal life . Ruth Stout is another 'character' I adore.

I'm so happy to hear there are other garden's that flowers are prettier outside then in. Thought I was the only one. I keep planting more and more roses thinking I'l have plenty to bring inside. doesn't work.

I hope you'll show a picture of the espalier!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Mrs. Wright said...

Beautiful post...yes I have a very tea stained and strawberry smudged copy of this delightful former days as a tearoom proprietress kept this book & Victoria magazine on hand. Ah, two of my favorite gardener's and lover of Life...Tara and Tasha.

Keep Blooming

Visual Vamp said...

Tasha Tudor - timeless!
Thanks for reminding me.
xo xo