Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I first saw this type of doormat, below, in a centuries old French garden (cobblestones set in gravel). As perfect as this entry, below, is I want to take it back
further. Do you know what I mean?
Do you know how?
The container. Fabulous, but too new for this landscape.
We have already sourced a new container, almost a century old, in Birmingham, AL.
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara
When the new container arrives the current era will be blended across the past.
Timelessness, a grace in every landscape fortunate enough to wear it.


Queenplinker said...

What a fabulous detail to have outside our door!

Have a great day, Lynea

Anonymous said...

We agree with Lynea!


Eddie & Jaithan

Christine B. said...

Easy method: stenciling some bricks on the concrete. Full monty method: jack-hammering out the concrete to extend the border. Or is there a third option?

Christine in Alaska

GroundoneMN said...

Interesting way to use pavers and concrete.

Minneapolis Landscape Design