Saturday, June 12, 2010

Don't Overbuild

Solving a slight drainage issue easily, affordably, without pooling water, without breeding mosquitoes & will last over a century, below. Path was terraced, #89 granite gravel poured, slope dug into with stone laid (dug in about 1"-2" at each base) angled into the slope.
Unskilled labor required at each phase, above. Easily woman powered, or man.
Water, now, follows the path. As does the eye & foot.
Too often I am at a new client's landscape and discover French drains already installed. And already NOT WORKING. Excepting mosquito production. And They Are UGLY & Expensive.
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara
New path, above, in Jeri Farmer's garden. Not all areas, obviously, can be solved with the method above. Some areas, alas, do need a French drain. Dahlings, I don't want you oversold by a contractor wanting your money instead of the right thing for your landscape. Studying gardens in Europe I saw this same method used countless times in many countries. Built one in my garden 2 decades ago. Will find pic and post it soon. It's fabulous!!!


Domestic Bliss said...

Tara, I found your blog last Thursday and I have not been worth a flip since! I think I have read all your entries and there is drool on the laptop. I was really blown away when your profile listed Make Way for Lucia - I have thought for a long time that I was the only one in the state of Georgia who knew about E. F. Benson and his delightful Lucia! I have for a while been trying to make my yard/garden simpler to care for and have more time to enjoy it's beauty. Thanks for so many wonderful ideas - I am so inspired!
If I lived near Dawsonville I would be stalking Susan Hudson's home - I'm sure I'm not alone.
I look forward to future posts.

Visual Vamp said...

Love it!
You give me hope in my darkest hours of working on the ghetto yard that is my garden, with no budget in 90+ degree heat.
xo xo