Monday, May 24, 2010

Blogs Feeding the Muse

7 Blogs feeding my creative muse; helpers in my garden ! Velvet & Linen, interiors & gardens. Brooke makes it look easy.
Cote de Texas, mostly interiors. Joni goes in depth & with great pics.
Color Me Happy, fabulous color. Maria shows & tells the why's of color with great business advice too.
A Bloomsbury Life, the title says it all.
Things That Inspire, architecture & interiors & art. Always inspiring & educational.
From the House of Edward, art & words. Beautiful words. Storytelling.
It's About Time, pictures & history with a sure hand. Sometimes the pics are the entire story.
To all of the above I pass along The Beautiful Blogger Award.

Yes, you've guessed I was given a blog award, "Beautiful Blogger Award". Thank you, It's About Time.

The award asks for 7 things you may not know about me:
* I adore geology.
* Crash Test Dummies has been playing in my car for over 2 years. Zero variation.
* Camping in the dunes of Edisto Island is my happy place.
* I thought Venice would be a wasted day on my garden tour. WRONG.
* When wonderful things happen I still want to tell my grandmother. She died in 1983.
* The life I'm living is better than the life I planned.
Designing landscapes, writing books about landscapes, putting together powerpoints about landscapes, lecturing about landscapes each give me something rare on this earth. A sense of timelessness. Moments of pure joy. The eternity now that Joseph Campbell speaks of.
Decades of this work & I can't get enough, still learning, still excited.
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara
Pics from Susanne Hudson's greenhouse a few weeks ago.


BWS said...

Simply no better garden blog exists. Thanks.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

You are so kind!
Edward and I are blushing!
I'm off now to download some Crash Test Dummies!!

Things That Inspire said...

Vanishing threshold - one of the most transformative ideas in the blog world - got me to see the relationship between architecture, interiors and design in a whole new way! Your blog is an inspiration.

Emom said...

Lovely post! smiles

home before dark said...

Always nice to see when the unexpected is better than the expected. Basic requirement: the heart must be open!

Maurie said...

A preliminary perusal of your site confirms your worthiness of the beautiful blogger award. Congratulations. I am a total amateur on garden design and a new blogger, but I recently did a post on a portion of my garden. I'd love for you to stop by and critique my non-professional efforts! The post is: Thanks...and I will be reading your blog to keep learning!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

so happy I have finally "found" you! Lots of great inspiration and ideas to seamlessly blend our interiors with our garden.Lidy