Friday, April 23, 2010

Best Lawn: TARA TURF

Moss & lichens are wornas jewelry upon this bench.
TARA TURF is its carpet.

Discovered over a decade ago during a study tour of Scotland TARA TURF is obvious.

TARA TURF: moss, lichens, mondo, clover, bulbs, dandelion, violets, fragrance, dwarf chamomile, scilla, muscari, dwarf daffodils, honeybees, ladybugs, fescue, what the wind blows in, 50%-75% less mowing, formal or informal depending upon mowing pattern & heights, zero fertilizer, zero chemicals, zero irrigation Mother Nature's rain only, unique to each zone & region world wide.
TARA TURF, luxurient decadence. Earth poetry.
Poetry of Man? Weekly mowing, insecticides, fungicides, their fumes passing thru your skin, stench, fertilizers, irrigation systems, poisoned ground water, dead mychorizal fungi, dead earthworms, dead lady bugs, dead honeybees, lawn cats/dogs/children must be protected from walking upon once treated, well, dahlings you get the idea.
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara
Pics taken last week in CORPORATE WOMAN's garden. Pics of her POTTING COTTAGE soon.
Sod manufacturers, heads-up. Many people have inquired where to purchase TARA TURF.


Terry said...

I'm with you all the way but the family makes fun of my "Terry Turf" and I don't think the real estate agents would love it if have to sell. I think we need a tiny eco-sign or plaque so that visitors will think we're cool rather than bums.

Kathy said...

Another plus: It's THE BEST grass for bare feet! Thanks for the post..K

Maggie said...

Your Tara Turf looks exactly like my lawn! I refuse to put chemicals on my lawn, so it is full of ground ivy, dandelions, grape hyacinth (muscari), and lots of stuff I can't identify. Oh, and a little bit of grass.

Looks pretty good right after it is mowed. And it is safe for the bugs, birds, animals and kids. I love it!

Vera @ Cozy Little Cabin said...

I'm sold . . . seems SO much easier than the other way that enslaves you to using a whole lot of poison, energy & noise!

Barbara Wells Sarudy said...

Tara, I was thinking about you yesterday. Your designs always do what is best for the earth. This is a perfect example. Thank you.

deborah said...

My yard is very shady, and only moss and lichens will grow under the Oak and Cherry tree. I would love to be able to purchase the Tara Turf! Please let us know when you locate a resource for this!

Landscape Designer said...

Tara, we have been doing this for decades. Thank you for bringing it into the mainstream. "Lawns' are so labour intensive and thirsty. From a distance lawns add anything more to the landscape than 'Tara Turf'
Thanks for being the first comment on my blog!
Sandra Jonas

Mary said...

Oh, I so totally agree with you! I just wrote about this recently -- down with "Lawn Nazis," we are "Laissez-Faire Lawn People!"

Yes, I know. I have to work on the title... ;)

Unknown said...

Serendipity. My boulevard has been tara turf all along! A local natural garden shop sells seeds with all the plants I have already($60 a kilo)