Thursday, March 25, 2010


Before, Library, below. Ceiling white, walls botanical green, taupe wall is balcony overlooking great room. Almost 'before', painters had begun bringing their stuff in & moving my things. Library: After, below. Walls & Ceiling BMoore, Rockport Gray. Rattan from the garden center replacing mini-blinds. Artwork by Jenny, my late mother-in-law.
This corner of the library is finished, more to do. Pics as it's done.
Today is Flannery O'Connor's birthday. She lived the last part of her life with her mother in Milledgeville, GA. Did you know Milledgeville was the capitol of Georgia during the Civil War? Don't worry, dahling, not many people do.
Milledgeville, more famously, is where my GRANDMOTHER lived. I lived summers with GRANDMOTHER, spring breaks & Chistmas too. This relates to my library before/after?
I remember clearly, as a girl, GRANDMOTHER, "Would you like to drive out and meet Flannery O'Connor?" GRANDMOTHER was a friend of her mother. "No", walking, bored, out of the kitchen. "She has peacocks.", to my back. A hot-humid, only as Milledgeville can be, day. Why would I want to go to someone's stupid farm and meet a couple of old ladies on a day like that? Ah, childhood yes?
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara
I should remember, To Hot For Peacocks, while making choices!


BWS said...

Flannery O'Connor is an amazing writer. Once she catches you, you can't let go.

And, amazingly, at dusk yesterday, I saw my 1st wild peacock in 15 years up here in the northern Maryland woods.

kim said...

Just found your wonderful blog. I do all our landscaping myself and our yard is huge. I just wish we would quit getting so much rain so I can get out and work in it. Look forward to seeing the room you are working on finished. I look forward to more of your posts.


Devon said...

Beautiful after pics Tara. What a perfect place to curl up with a book!