Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Beverley Nichols, Englishman, lover of gardening, junk, antiques, cats, history, books, domestic help, his friends, the stage, music, entertaining, reading, & an author. Do you know of him?
Mary Kistner, a mentor, gave me 1 of his books circa 1999. Bought 2 more at that time.

Have reread each several times. This year is a SIGNIFICANT birthday.

Bought myself, so far, stone cat for the Bay Terrace, 3 antique blue/white jardinier's while lecturing in Richmond, VA, and this morning, 12 books by Beverley Nichols. Dahlings, ya'll are expensive, had to buy them, getting the cheapest used versions, before telling you about them.
Of his friend, Marius, "In the dusky glass of a rococo mirror he could see the shadow of ancient battles; he could trace the beginning of a nation's decadence in the scroll of a picture frame, and find the outlines of a philosophy in the border of an aubusson carpet." And on the next page he writes of George Washington & General Lafayette wallpapering together at Mount Vernon.
Which, of course, reminded me about John Adams & Thomas Jefferson touring gardens in England for a fortnight, with only their manservants.
Didn't know these important TRUE details about America's founding fathers?
Oops, apologies, off topic. Buy any, or all, books by Beverley Nichols. Ha, remember, I snagged the cheapest copies off Amazon moments ago.
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara
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Teacats said...

I adore all of BN's books -- just wonderful loving descriptions of homes, gardens, flowers, trees and gardeners. Not to mention the local characters around the villages!

Cheers! Jan at Rosemary Cottage

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

He's the best!

Christine B. said...

I know so little of him, I thought he was a she. Oopsie. I'll have to snag one of his books from the library and check "him" out.

Christine in Alaska

BWS said...

Love it when you put this American history stuff in your blog. Just great...

Anonymous said...

Love Beverley Nichols. I already had a fair number of them when I visited Sissinghurst. In the village bookstore, I found another half dozen and they were only 50p each.

This Photographer's Life said...

Dont you just love books?? these seem awesome! I will be off to check them out :)

Catherine said...

I bought "Down the garden path" and "Rhapsody in green" two weeks ago through Amazon.com and really enjoy them!