Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Bad chair, below. Why? Though new, it's Dated. Acceptable color, clean lines. Hmm. Nice for a hotel at an exit ramp off I-85 in mid-North Carolina, or South Carolina. Good chair, below. Why? Though new, undated. Timelessness.
Hints of 30's Deco, 50's mid-century modern. 8 of these jewels around an old harvest table in your garden? Or inside your house. Done! Comfort, classic, timeless. And, only $32.
Would you EVER think of putting the chair, top pic, inside your home? NEVER.
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara
Took pic while Hunting/Gathering at Lowe's this week.
NOTE: Not bashing the Carolina's. If you've driven the route you can't help asking , "Why so many new hotels at exit ramps? How did they get the loans? Is all of America overdosed with new hotels at exit ramps along the interstate system?" Seen during my road trip to lecture in Virginia last February. At that lecture, dahlings, I met Eddie Ross & JAITHAN. Good food, good wine & stories to tell. Fell in crush with both of them. But, alas, this is a garden blog. Tootles.


home before dark said...

In a Kansas wind storm this little beauty would become a dangerous flying projectile!

Devon said...

So true Tara, so true!!