Friday, July 10, 2009


Wed. & Thurs. were spent with Susanne Hudson, Le Jardin Blanc, Penny McHenry Hydrangea Festival , & more, in Douglasville, GA. Her business & private garden have graced international TV & magazines.
Her home was begun in 1875 with an addition in 1915. She began the garden when she moved in less than a decade ago. The woman moves fast. And wisely.
I lived a happy month in those 2 days and will share with you sporadically thru the next many weeks.
Before bed, late, we talked books-gardeners-gardens-interiors-ideas in her library, below. She pruned the climbing rose, below, in my room. It had grown inside the room to the canopy bed. Why? I would have loved the rose as bunting.
Sunlight on the original plaster ceiling yesterday morning, thru my iron canopy & chandelier.

How did she have time to put roses by my bed? Again the original plaster walls. Delight.

Susanne's chandelier, below, was a bit larger than mine. Hmm.

A girl has to bathe during a work trip doesn't she?

Wish you could smell the soap, and feel the towels.

Oops, I slept late, 8am. Coffee was wafting up the stairs as I was turning the landing, below.

Can you believe the garden view from her landing?
More of these 2 days will be sprinkled in the weeks ahead.
Susanne's garden, ideas, and even pics of one of her client's house/garden. And, if I'm devious enough, some of the nitty gritty conversation.
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara


Terry said...

I breathless after this batch but ready to see more Ms. Hudson must be a dynamo.

Devon said...

Oh, this is great Tara. I was really excited to have you link her up with my post of her garden. I think her work is amazing and can't wait to hear more about (and see!) your trip.