Saturday, July 18, 2009


Every window should have a garden view. Penny, below, has several good views.

Susanne Hudson, standing at her washer/dryer, below, has this view.

Turning slightly, below, another laundry view. The tall jar holds a collection of glass frogs. And the dryer becomes an excuse to hold another lamp. You've got to love that in anyone.

More collections in glass jars: antique wheelbarrows, flexible wire frogs, iron frogs. And a view thru the arbor over her grill.

Can you imagine doing laundry surrounded by your garden & a few of your favorite things?
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara


Terry said...

I think every window should have something interesting to look at. And it need to be interesting in all seasons. So I love your idea that a great urn look great without a plant.

Sheila said...

Very charming!

Keith said...

Oh Tara! The views are marvelous, but I am in love with the painted wooden floor.

Jane said...

I just spent over 2 hours enjoying the heck out of your website. There is so much to see, but most of all it is full of fabulous fun ideas.
Heard you speak yesterday at the Mary Kistner Nature Center. Could not wait to find out more about wattles and found out so much more. Thanks for all the great photos. Jane