Sunday, June 7, 2009


I spent the night with PINK last week. Recently back from Russia she had stories & pics. They began with wine outside on her terrace by the pond. PINK served Greek salad and marinated, grilled chicken. Recipes she garnered in Greece. Then we lay in bed with her laptop and pictures. I may never get to Russia, I'm truly the strange person liking anothers travel pics. PINK's tiny redecorated bathroom inspired me the next morning. Why?
PINK's shower curtain fabric, found at Forsyth Fabrics. Oh my.

Can you believe these Tool Bouquets? Tools were already laying on my breakfast table, for days, playing with mental arrangements.

In PINK's bathroom, above. Great book title.

PINK's tiny bath lives big with a view of the terrace where we dined. Her boyfriend recently spent hours in her garden. Haven't met him yet but I know he cares for her greatly to have done such hard labor. Oh, and the sexy shoes he buys her. We didn't talk only of Russia. Boyfriend talk was delicious too. But another type of blog entirely.
Today, after I walk around Stone Mountain, I'll start my Tool Bouquet, inspired by Norman Kent Johnson (landscape architect extraordinaire) & Pink's shower curtain. Then work in my garden. Life is good.
Hope your Sunday is fabulous too.
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

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