Friday, April 10, 2009

PhD: Women's Garden Groups & Society


Philanthropic arms of art & education with social networking. They bind communities. Informing the larger group of crime, deaths, births, illnesses, divorce, marriage, and etc. while making sure weeds, garbage, flowers and more are taken care of.

Impromptu matchmakers in love, career, pets, interior decorators, books, neighborhoods, vacation locations, garden designers, doctors, car, make-up, hairstylists, houses, friends, and more.

Below, I spoke at the Tuckahoe Woman's Club in Richmond, VA this week.

Women with a mission. Arts & education.

They know meetings are about expert speakers not the minutia of topics best left to a board meeting. AND FOOD.
Food. I can never resist the real action. In the kitchen. Their talk & activities are a book. How they use language, their accents, topics, laughter, hushed tones, gossip.

I look forward to the foods chosen, their silver and china.

Over 20 years of Garden Club Food have spoiled me into expecting silver & china. At all neighborhood price points.

And homemade cheese straws, below, are often on the menu.

Nuts in a crystal bowl with a silver spoon. Overkill? Perhaps, but I do enjoy the love behind it.

And their decorating. Colors, art, comfort & attention to detail. The unspoken saying so much.

Below, the tables always set up to check you in, sell a raffle ticket or other type of fund raiser.

Tuckahoe Woman's Club had something extra, the pianist.

Impromptu table, below, for my books. I learned while being the NBC-TV local garden expert to always bring props.
And their sweet marketing, below.
Tuckahoe Woman's Club has their own garden, below. Proving they're Cool Chicks, empty pots.

Pink dogwood, below, beginning to unfurl.

Visiting a private garden after the lecture, below, Mrs. Estes loves the classics

and is a serious plantswoman, the fragrant yellow magnolia, below.
The template of speaker, food, meeting kindred spirits, matchmaking, appreciating interior decorating and table settings, and touring a garden have been part of women's garden groups for decades. Seeing & understanding how communities are bound into civilization vs. chaos.
Learning how to be a plant society board member & president. How to choose speakers, get the money in, how to spend it as a non-profit aligning tightly with the group's mission statement. Putting together a newsletter, marketing, garden tour and attracting volunteers.
Wondering why companies aren't approaching these groups to market their services and products?
Oh, sugars, I'm not getting that PhD at the present time. Too busy living it.
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara


Town Mouse said...

Sounds delightful! Wish I'd been there.

catherine said...

your talk was so inspiring my mother did start her own blog, thank you for doing what you do!

Cote de Texas said...

omg - go read my blog - omg!!! the same, but not the same, but kind of!!!

saysab said...

Oh Sister, I love this blog...some would say a step back to gentile times!! Beautiful club ...gained some ideas for my next book club get together. Keep up your good works!!