Monday, March 23, 2009


Found online this pic has seared itself into my brain. Seared with further design. In my mind's eye there are 5 claw foot tubs under the tree. A small table, with dinner-wine, at each tub. I'm in one of the tubs & girlfriends are in the rest.
We are talking-sharing-savoring: the tree, the art, night, fireflies, fragrance, sound of bats, each other, floating, comfort, nurturing, laughter, ideas, joys, lessening of sorrows, epiphanies, being silly, gathering strength, being tender, knowing we will leave the evening enriched-changed-more completely ourselves.
Top pic anonymous at the moment. Anyone know? Send it to me.
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

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Vera said...

OMG - I adore that top pic! How do you think they did this? Little girl dresses being used as lampshades?

I'd love to have a tea party with my daughters & grand daughters...wouldn't this be a special birthday celebration or Mother's Day?

It reminds me of the fairies in the Walt Disney "Sleeping Beauty" movie.