Monday, March 30, 2009


A Scottish study concluded, living in eyesight of a landscape extends life. Not gardening. Seeing. How much better seeing a beautiful landscape? Landscape pharmacology? If musical pharmacology exists, so does landscape pharmacology.
When beautifully landscaped gardens surpass their owner, what survives? Trees.

Creating a landscape? Begin with what it will end with. Trees.
How the French do trees: a large variegated leaf tree, a weeping tree, a large cone shaped evergreen tree, a burgundy foliaged tree. At the minimum.
In my garden today, above, cherry tree (pink) & Chinese snowball.
For a couple of weeks I'll be living, in a subdivision, amongst beauty dating past centuries of Chinese scrolls. And the beauty is alive. Not a scroll painting.
Without modesty, I'm hearing in my head, Peter O'Toole as Lawrence of Arabia, I DID IT.
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara


Anonymous said...

It is a shame you do not have a hundred or two hundred comments agreeing with you or disagreeing with you as that would be some indication of how people perceive your philosophy about 'pharmacology' in landscape design. I am always amazed that one finds the answers in grasses and another in roses. To me the thing that makes a landscape memorable is a trip through the Smokey Mountains and the landscapes seen from afar with a bit of haze between my eyes and those distant trees.

bg_garden said...

Wonderful photography you share with us. Thank you and Happy Spring!
Stop by my garden to see what I have shared this Bloom Tuesday!