Friday, February 20, 2009


PSO, my term for, plant shape only, works initially. Growth displays poor planting choices. The landscape, below, was professionally designed-installed for the former owner. Royal Doulton & Exotic Bell, the new owners, must fix numerous PSO's before creating a landscape reflecting their multi-continent awareness of historic landscapes. The tree, above, if allowed to stay will engulf half the facade of the home. Where to move it?
Royal Doulton's office, above, views the front landscape. An axis to place the tree. PSO becomes focal point. I want him to enjoy the tree he is saving and have its placement be perfection.

Royal Doulton didn't know the tree he saved is a great haven for birds. Ambient sounds for his workday.

Near the frontdoor, above, a window. Peek inside, a circular stairwell. Look closely, the paint is a bit spattered. Good landscape design, Tara's way, includes everything you can see inside a house from the landscape. Touch up the spatters.
Above, stone, brick, copper, cut limestone, a lovely frontdoor, a real gas lantern, and generous size. A beautiful entry. Don't diminish beauty with something cute. The 'welcome' sign is not welcome here.
The house already says 'welcome' in tones of elegance & intelligence.
Styling a landscape often involves removing 'cute' gifts from a loved one. Awkward if it was from an in-law, step-child or etc... If so, keep it for about a year and then it must suddenly 'break & disappear'. Don't mention the trip to the thrift store. If you really can't get rid of a horrible landscape 'gift' plant an evergreen vine on it.
Garden & Be Well, XO T

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Liz - said...

I like your comments about the cute things we are given and how to get them to go away! You have great ideas, and relocating the tree is wonderful, I hope it transplanted well! I've made mistakes along the way, and have had to correct them, so I know all about it. I am a by the seat of my pants self taught home gardener/landscaper.. Liz